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You are strong.

It is about progress not perfection. It is about showing up when you don't want to and offering yourself grace on the days you miss a session. The goal is to strive for manageable steps towards improvement and progress not perfection; preferably with a smile on your face.​I came to fitness from a sedentary place. I was in my 20s and had never played sports or learned much about movement. I built my yoga and strength practice over the last decade. I have learned that I love to learn, adapt, and push boundaries. Strength is within you, we just need to find your favorite way to bring it out. ​ 


My top goals as a trainer and teacher are:

  • to teach you why you're doing something not just dictate movements without meaning

  • to help you find joy in exercise and gratitude for your body and all that it is able to do

  • for you feel a little bit stronger, a little bit better each time you come to a 1:1 training session or yoga class with me


Give them something to talk about.

Working with Alisa has kept me motivated and inspired! She thoughtfully designs each of our sessions to help me reach my personal goals and with the potential she sees in my growth. My workouts with Alisa are tough but attainable and I’m definitely seeing and feeling results.

In the three months I’ve been working out with Alisa, I can see positive changes in my body and, more importantly, in my attitude toward my body.  I’ve always been invested in my own fitness, but now I understand how my fitness affects my overall wellness, both mental and physical. I love how Alisa infuses hard work with play, and I value all the ways she pushes me to achieve my goals. More than ever I feel like I’m in control of my body, and I’m confident that I can get stronger and fitter every day with Alisa’s help.  

Kari C.

Leona S., 52

I've practiced regularly with Alisa for almost three years now, and have noticed personal growth and a marked improvement in my yoga practice. Alisa is a knowledgeable, thoughtful, sensitive, and engaging teacher. Alisa expertly navigates her classes, and ensures that her instruction caters to practitioners at all skill levels. Alisa is perceptive and meets her students where they are. She's always picked up my non-verbal cues, and worked with me to attain a goal. Best of all, her classes are fun. I can't recall a dull moment, and have always left the studio feeling energised and recharged. A true gem of a human!

Alisa is hands down the best yoga teacher and mentor I've ever met.  Alisa always took the time to make sure I would be able to get into the poses properly, despite my quirks, and even got me into arm balances / inversions I never dreamed of being able to do. She creates such an energetic, fun, happy, safe space in her classes (and the playlists are always on point!) and promotes playing with the poses / your body. I now live in New York City, and have yet to find a class or teacher that matches Alisa's - she truly is the gold standard and I miss her classes every day. If you get the chance to work with her - run, don't walk. You won't regret a second of her class, and honestly, you'll walk away with a new friend and a positive light in your life.

Tim W., 30

Anahita M.

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