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Virtual Personal Training

I am arriving in the virtual coaching space after several long time in-person clients did not want to say goodbye when I was moving away from Virginia.


Virtual Coaching with me will include:

  • A personal training program to help you meet your goals

  • Help figuring out a realistic training schedule that is inline with those goals 

  • Detailed workouts with linked videos, personalized instruction, and all the metrics you need to follow (sets, reps, tempos, rest). You won't just be going through the motions. You'll be moving with intention

  • Access to a simple, user-friendly app to follow your workouts

  • Personalized workout feedback from me each week as well as a weekly check-in video to set the tone for the week

  • The ability for you to easily record a video during your workout for a form check and feedback from me

  • Video and chat capability allow you to communicate with me regularly for support/questions/guidance


How is this different from in person training? You don't have me watching every rep and providing in the moment feedback, you don't have access to my gym, and I don't set up your equipment for you, You do get weekly access to me, the same great training plans, and the personalized flexibility of following a plan and being held accountable. 

We should work together if:

  • You like lifting weights or you want to start lifting weights. You want to do it well and you want to learn while you do it. The person that will get the most out of working with me will be curious about understanding why they're doing what they're doing. We aren't just going through the motions

  • You want to know there is a human on the other side of your program. Sure, there are templated programs out there, but a program from me is personalized and I'm responding to all your comments and progress each week 

  • You want your training plan to also include mobility and balance work (hello, I was a yoga teacher first). I'm really not that interested in how much you can deadlift if you can't balance on one foot and move around some. We like stability.  

  • You need some accountability to keep you consistent

The road map:

  • Drop your details below, email me, or DM me to let me know you want to learn more. Let's find time to chat and make sure we are a fit. If you will be annoyed by the number of times I tell you to push your butt back and not lead with your chest in a deadlift variation, we may not be friends

  • After chatting to decide if we are a fit, we will have a more formal goal setting and planning conversation. I will then onboard you into my app and we will get to work. Programs can be done at a gym or at home. The planning conversation will also cover what equipment you have access to and how often you can realistically train

  • You make a minimum commitment of 3 months of $125 a month on a recurring payment schedule. Discounts available if you pay in full and commit to a full year. My background in long term programming is also best served with a longer commitment

Interested in me as a virtual coach?

Let me know you're curious and we can chat to see if it is a fit

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Yay! I'm excited to get to know you. I'll reach out soon.

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