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Strength, mobility, stability.

I can be found training in my own training room located in downtown Harrisonburg in the Ice House Studios, a shared space with The Center Yoga Collective.  ​Interested in training with me? We start with a risk free discovery call or in person meeting where we talk about your goals, movement likes and dislikes, experience in the gym, and more. This is totally no pressure, I want to hear about you so I can start formulating a program to help you crush your goals. Don't know what your goals are? That's cool too- I'll help you set some. or let my current client's starting goals inspire you:

  • To do a pull up

  • To feel good in my clothes

  • To take care of my heart

  • To be able to carry all my groceries in one trip

  • To spend time with my spouse (partner sessions!) 

Ready to dive in and start the conversation? Drop your info here and I'll reach out! ​From there, we turn those starting goals into attainable and measured goals.. The next step will be to decide how many times a week you want 1:1 training sessions with me and do any necessary movement and/or performance assessments. During these 1:1 sessions, I manage everything: I help you set up your equipment, teach you what things are, manage your reps and weight to make sure you're progressing and meeting your goals. ​Packages are sold as a recurring monthly payment in the Members Only side of my website and vary in price depending on length of commitment and frequency of sessions, but start at $250 per month. All sessions are 5o minutes and include personalized programing and 1:1 attention to help you reach your goals. You have to put in the work, but I'll help get you there. The results are worth the investment. Schedule your discovery conversation to learn more.​​​

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