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Okay, you don't know me, yet...

I'm a New Englander coming home. I've spent nearly a decade in Virginia and carved out my own little corner of the fitness world there. I'm looking forward to finding my space in Keene. 

A list of things you might like to know

I like lifting heavy things and doing it well

I like helping people understand why they are doing things

I like thoughtful yoga classes, bonus if they include arm balances and silliness, but not required

I read a lot of books, if it is popular on BookTok, I've probably read it

I believe movement should support your lifestyle and you should enjoy it. If you're not enjoying it, let's do something else and find some joy

The Center_2024-26.jpg
The Center_2024-28.jpg
The Center_2024-28.jpg

What am I doing in Keene?

I do not yet know where I'll be training or teaching yoga, but I do know I'll be at some basketball games. My husband is the Men's Basketball coach at the College.  I owned my own 600sq foot gym in Harrisonburg, VA and taught at multiple studios in town. I'm excited to share movement in Keene when I find a home(s).

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